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“Chile’s Falabella – Succeeding through an Integrated Retail Strategy” traces the journey of Chilebased retailer S.A.C.I. Falabella (Falabella) to becoming one of the largest integrated retailers in Latin America. A brief history of the company shows that the company progressed with an insight into its business diversification and internationalization strategy. Falabella’s adoption of the ‘integrated retail’ strategy was quite fruitful for the company. The case also depicts the company’s focus on catering to the distinct needs of the various customers across Latin America, which helped it in not only creating a strong market position for itself, but also in staving off competition from multinational retailers. The case concludes with a look into the company’s future plans, which included an expansion of its retail footprint and strengthening of its ecommerce business.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Evaluate the business diversification strategy for a retail company.

Q2. Analyze the international expansion strategy undertaken by a strong regional player.

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