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Human Resource Management

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PTU university mba Human Resource Management SOLVED PAPERS AND GUESS


Product Details: PTU university mba Human Resource Management SOLVED PAPERS AND GUESS



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  If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with other PTU University book solutions now mehta solutions brings top solutions for PTU university mba Human Resource Management SOLVED PAPERS AND GUESS book contains previous year solved papers plus faculty important questions and answers specially for PTU University .questions and answers are specially design specially for PTU University students .

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Human Resource Management  

Course Objective: The objective of the paper is to make student aware of the various functions and importance of HR department in any organization. It is basically concerned with managing the human resources, whereby the underlying objective is to attract retain and motivate the human resources in any organization.
Unit I
Human Resource Management (HRM): Nature, Scope, Objectives and functions of HRM. Evolution of HRM, HR as a factor of competitive advantage. Organization of HR department, Line ad staff responsibility of HR managers, competencies of HR Manager. Personnel Policies and Principles. Strategic HRM: Introduction, Integrating HR strategy with Business Strategy, Difference between SHRM and HRM. HRM Environment and Environment Scanning. Human Resource Planning: Meaning, Process and importance, factors affecting Human Resource Planning. Job Analysis: Process, methods of Job Description & Job Specification.
Unit 2
Recruitment & Selection: Meaning & Concept, Process & Methods Recruitment & Selection, Induction & Placement. Training & Development: Meaning & Concept of Training & Development, Methods of Training & Development, Evaluating training effectiveness. HRM vs. HRD. Career Planning & Development: concept of career, career planning, career development, process of career planning and development, factors affecting career choices, responsibilities of Employers / managers, organization and employees in career planning and development, career counseling. Internal Mobility: Promotion, Transfer, Demotion, Separation, downsizing and outplacement.
Unit 3
Performance Appraisal: Meaning & Concept of Performance Appraisal, Methods & Process of Performance Appraisal, Issues in Performance Appraisal, Potential Appraisal. Compensation Management- Concept and elements of compensation, Job evaluation, Wage / Salary fixation, Incentives Plans & Fringe Benefits. Quality of work life (QWL): Meaning, Concept, Techniques to improve QWL. Health, Safety & Employee Welfare, Social Security. Quality Circles: Concept, Structure, Role of Management, QCs in India.
Unit 4
Industrial Relations: Government’s concerns, Union’s concerns, Management concerns; Approaches of IR; Dispute Resolution Machinery. Collective Bargaining: Meaning, Scope, Objectives, Issues and Strategies, steps of collective bargaining, negotiation skills. Participative Management, Grievance Handling, Disciplining and Counseling of employees, HRIS, HR Audit. Ethical Issues in HRM. Human Resource Management practices in India. 

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