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A well known financial house started an Industrial unit using new technology under the name Royal Electronics Company. Their system of Management in general was of the old type where everything was centralized on a personal level. However, in case of new
company, due to various factors like distance, time etc., the industry was allowed to develop on autonomous lines and was put in charge of U.K. trained Engineer. Considering the various aspects, the industry was developing well. But due to the lack of adequate attention to labor and industrial relations, a strike developed. It generated tensions and fears among the executives left jobs including Labor officer who felt insecure due to vacillation and interference from top management. Finally the strike was resolved. But some workers were still under charge sheets.
Their cases had been conducted by the new Labor Officer who had joined at the height ofstrike one day the factory manager received a call from the managing Director to dismiss the Labor Officer immediately. He solicited reasons at least to justify his action, but of no avail. In fact the Managing Director came personally, went to the Labor Officer directly and gave him the dismissal letter. The Labor officer was appointed by the Factory Manager and so went to him but the Manager could do nothing now.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Analyze the factors that led to a breakdown of industrial relations in the Royal Electronics Company

Q2. How should the cases of charge sheeted employees be dealt with?

Q3. What course of action will you suggest for the factory manager?

Q4. As a Labor Officer what would be your steps after receiving the letter of dismissal from the Managing Director.

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