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Marketing Management

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Marketing Management


1.  (a) "Marketing involves satisfaction of consumer needs." Comment.

(b) Outline the steps in marketing management process.

2.  Briefly explain various stages involved in the consumer buying decision process.

3.  "Marketing mix strategies should be different at different stages of a product life cycle (PLC)." Justify the statement.

4.  Discuss various objectives of pricing.           

5.  (a) Briefly explain the promotional packaging techniques used by marketers.

(b)         State the alternative strategies for pricing a new product and examine the conditions under which they are suitable.


6.  What do you mean by Promotion Mix ? Explain the various factors that affect promotion mix.

7.  (a) Differentiate between advertising and publicity. State various tools of generating


(b) Differentiate between green marketing and social marketing. State various problems

associated with green marketing.

8.  Discuss various tasks performed by an efficient physical distribution system.

9.  (a) What is marketing environment ? Comment on the marketing environment in India.

(b) "Repositioning needs a continuous monitoring of the brand's performance in

the market." Comment.

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