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library classification Practice

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AMU ALIGARH MUSLIM university  blis BOOKS library classification Practice SOLVED PAPERS AND GUESS 


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  If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with other CAREER University book solutions now mehta solutions brings top solutions for AMU ALIGARH MUSLIM university  blis BOOKS, library classification Practice contains previous year solved papers plus faculty chapterwise notes important questions and answers specially for CAREER University .questions and answers are specially design specially for AMU ALIGARH MUSLIM university  blis BOOKS students .

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Chapter 1: Use of Table 1: Standard Subdivisions
Introduction, Features of Standard Subdivisions
How to Use Standard Subdivisions
Addition of a Standard Subdivision to a Main Class or Division
Addition of a S.S. to a Subdivision of a Principal Field
Variations in the Use of Several Zeros Together
Using Two Zeros, Using Three Zeros
Extension of a S.S. by Add-To-instructions, Variations in the Meaning of Standard Subdivisions, Cooccurrence of Two or More Standard Subdivisions, When Standard Subdivisions are not used
Chapter 2: Use of Table 2 Areas
Introduction, Divisions of the Areas - Table 2
Addition of an Area Number
Area number as a part of the class number, Addition of area number through Standard Subdivision,
Addition of area number following Add-to-instruction
Addition of Two Area Numbers ,Insertion of Area Number between Two Aspects of the Same Subject
,Extension of Area Number from TabIe-2 by Another Number from Table-2 ,Addition of Area Notation to a
Standard Subdivision Other Than -09
Chapter 3: Use of Table-3: Subdivisions of Individual Literatures
Introduction, Divisions of Main Class 800 Literatures, Introduction to Tables-3 and-3A
Classifying Works of Individual Authors
Class numbers of some English Writers, Class numbers of some American Authors, Class numbers
of some Indian Writers
Anthologies and Critical Appraisals of General Literatures of More than One Language
,Anthologies and General Criticism of Literary Works in a Specific Language ,Anthologies, History, Critical
Appraisal of Literatures of a Specific Language, Form and Period ,Use of Table-3A with Other Classes
Chapter 4: Use of Tables 4 and 6
Introduction, Introduction to Table-4, Use of Table - 4
Introduction to Table - 6
Use of Table - 6, Use of Table - 6 with Table-4
Chapter 5: Use of Table-5 Racial, Ethnic, National Groups and Table-7 Persons
Introduction, Use of Table-5
With specific instructions, Use of Table - 5 with the help of Standard Subdivision
Introduction to the Use of Table - 7 Persons Notation
Use of Table- -7 with the help of Standard
Chapter 6: Colon Classification: Introduction
Introduction ,Structure and Out-Lines of Main Classes in the System ,Notation Used in the System ,Faceted
or Analytico-Synthetic Pattern ,Call Number ,Class Number and the Out-Lines of Main Classes in CC ,Facet
Analysis and Fundamental Categories
Rounds and Levels of Manifestations
Rounds of Manifestation, Levels of Manifestation
Steps of Classifying a Document
Chapter 7: Formation and Sharpening of Isolates
Introduction, Chronological Device (CD) ,Geographical Device (GD)
Creation of a new Isolate-Number, Sharpening of an existing Isolate
Subject Device (S.D.)
Creation of a New Isolate Number, Extension of an existing Isolate Number
Mnemonic Device (MD) ,Alphabetical Device (AD) ,Super-Imposition Device, Use of Parallel Schedules
Chapter 8: Facet Analysis and Synthesis in Physical and Biological Sciences
Introduction, Mathematics, Treatment of Main Class Physics
Biological Sciences
Botanical Science, Zoology
Chapter 9: Facet Analysis and Synthesis in Humanities and Social Sciences
Application of Common Isolates
Linguistics and Languages, History and Political Science, Psychology and Education Economics and
Sociology, Law
Chapter 10: Treatment of Generalia Class
Introduction, Studies about a Geographical Area, Studies about a Person, General Encyclopedic Works,
General Serials and Periodicals, General Biographical Works, Generalia Bibliography

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