Mba Case Study

Mba Case Study

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Q1. Sales executives have responsibilities for coordination which involves

  1. Individual

  2. The organization

  3. The company

  4. None of the above


Q2. Who researched buyer-seller Dyads in the Life Insurance business

  1. Hanri Tosi

  2. McMurry

  3. Arnold

  4. Franklin Evans


Q3. Formula for calculating Gross Margin is

  1. Sales – Cost of sales

  2. Gross profit – Cost of sales

  3. Sales – Expenses

  4. None of the above


Q4. Coach- and – pupil method is

  1. Company Information

  2. Sales Technique

  3. On – the – just Training

  4. Both (a) & (c)


Q5. Term in which ratio measures the effectiveness of sales personnel in securing order

  1. “Lowering Average”

  2. “Batting Average”

  3. “Multiple Average”

  4. None of the average


Q6. District sales manager and planning report is called

  1. Manager plan

  2. District plan

  3. District sales plan

  4. None of the above


Q7. Numerical expression indicating the degree to which one or more factor associated with a given products demand is

  1. Sales Index

  2. Product Index

  3. Market Index

  4. Company Index


Q8. Event that strengthens the buyers tendency to make a particular response is called

  1. Reinforcement

  2. Cue

  3. Drives

  4. Both (a) & (b)


Q9. 2 Types of drive in learning process are

  1. Innate and learned drive

  2. Mutual and learned drive

  3. Innate and mutual drive

  4. None of the above


Q10. The weak stimuli which determine when the buyer will respond

  1. Cue

  2. Response

  3. Drive

  4. None of the above


Part Two:

Q1. Write a short note on “Sales Resistance”?

Q2. What is “Controlling Selling Expenses”?

Q3. Write short note on “Product Line Policy”?

Q4. What do you understand by “Straight-Commission Plan”?

Q5. Evaluate the Allen Specialty Company’s organization and plan for coordinating sales and advertising?

Q6. How should Biggerstaff answer Halloram’s complaint?

Q7. Evaluate Holden’s recruiting program, suggesting whether or not the company should have continued its college recruiting of sales engineers?

Q8. What criteria should a good sales engineer should implement to uplift the company sales?

Q9. Write in brief about motivation of sales personnel?

Q10. Write in brief about setting up a sales organization?


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