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Mr. Sachin, the Sales manager of the Blue Ridge Furniture Company, had just completed a two-week trip auditing customer accounts and prospective accounts in the southern states. His primary intention was to do follow-up work on prospective accounts contacted by sales staff members during the past six months. Prospective clients were usually furniture dealers or large department stores with furniture departments.

To his amazement, Mr. Sachin discovered that almost all the so-called prospective accounts were fictitious. The people had obviously turned in falsely documented field reports and expense statements. Company salespeople had actually called upon 3 of 22 reported furniture stores or department stores. Thus. Mr. Sachin summarized that salespeople had falsely claimed approximately 85 percent of the goodwill contacts. Further study showed that all salespeople had followed this general practice and that not one had a clean record.

M r. Sachin decided that immediate action was mandatory although the salespeople were experienced senior individuals. Angry as he was, he would have preferred, firing them. But he was responsible for sales and realized that replacing the staff would seriously cripple the sales program for the coming year.




  1. As Mr. Sachin, what would you do now to resolve the problem of the false reports?


  1. What could Mr. Sachin have done to prevent this problem?

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