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After the 1995 release of microsofts windows 95 multimedia operating system, every journalist started writing an obituary column of apple inc and despite the best efforts of the then CEO Gil Amelio, the company was steadily moving towards bankruptcy. When Steve jobs took over in 1976, not many people gave any chance to apple to survive the brutal competition in the personal computer business. Steve did unleash many ruthless actions, that surprised many in the industry; in an attempt to put Apple back on track. Steve cut all of the 15 desktop anmd portable models that apple was struggling to sell, back to one. He showed the door to printers and peripherals. He cut development engineers. He cut software development. He cut distributors. He cut out virtually all manufacturing, moving it offshore to Taiwan. This paved the way for reducing inventory by over 80 percent. Apple started selling PCs through a new web store. Armed with the best operating system that he brought from NeXT, steve started serving customers with a simplified product line through a limited set of outlets. Apple’s miraculous rise from the ashes, many researchers now attribute to these well orchestrated, coordinated set of actions put in place by Steve in quick succession. Through Pixar, the ipod and the iphone, steve revolutionised the major industries of movies, music and phones-creating and exploiting opportunities that came along the way. A good strategy is a product of coherent design, the application of strength to capture most promising opportunity.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Give an overview of the case

Q2. How Steve changed the fortune of Apple?

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